..."The Truth About Magic" is an exploration of moments frozen in time where everything seems to align in harmony and simple beauty"...

Phone Booth Gallery is proud to present, “The Truth About Magic” A solo exhibit featuring a series of new work from the mind of contemporary impressionist James R. Eads. The exhibition opened with a reception on Saturday, July 19th, 2014 from 7-10pm. “The Truth About Magic” was on view through August 13th, 2014.

Eads captures the magic of nature in a series of mixed media works focused around hand painted digital illustration and traditional gouache painting. Eads' work involves whimsical landscapes and figures, and impressionistic textural brush strokes. Challenging the concrete reality that we live in, he plays with color and motion to form a world of believable fiction that acts as a vessel for his fantastical vision. In this series, Eads explores what he believes is "The Truth About Magic" - a moment in time where everything seems to align in harmony and simple beauty.

Taking cues from Van Gogh’s painterly strokes and Renoir’s vibrant palette, Eads uses contemporary tools and evolved technique to create a unique style all his own. Combining digital and analog media is where Eads' work has flourished; he uses the organic movements of a paintbrush and the crisp, graphic detail of digitally illustrated works to create scenes that luminesce, even without the benefit of a backlit monitor. Eads articulates, "I'm attempting to capture a voyeuristic perspective of a fleeting magical moment in nature, whether it's the last rays of sun during "magic hour" or some sort of bioluminescence, these are intimate experiences in my world that I've chosen to share with the viewer."