The Flowers is an ongoing series of still lives that explore the cyclical nature of life; as one thing ends a new begins. 


Small beginnings and endings are happening all the time around us, some are harder to notice, but the energy in each cycle of life will find itself again at the birth of something new. 

1. "The Last Breath Returns the Light" is a 16" x 20" high quality giclee print in a limited edition of 175.

2. "Flowers for Degas" is an 8" x 10" high quality giclee print in a limited edition of 75.

3. "Flowers for Vincent" is an 18" x 24" high quality giclee print in an limited edition of 75. 

4. Flowers for Showing Up

Gouache and pastel on wood

16 x 16 in.

5. Flowers for When You're Feeling Down

Gouache and pastel on wood

16 x 16 in.

6. Flowers for Dreamers is a 18 x 24 in. print offered in three editions. 


Wood panel edition of 10

Rainbow foil edition of 24

Timed edition of 80