The Golden Eggs of Reason are here to offer twelve messages that only begin to touch on the reasons for existing in the seemingly unbalanced world we find ourselves in. If one of these golden eggs speaks to you, listen to it’s message and find comfort in it. To understand something completely you must know it for both it's darkness and it’s light. It is in this perfect balance that everything can be seen in it’s own truth. Gain the perspective you need for clarity. Question what you have been told and what you know to be true. Look for the good in things, it can be hard to see at first, but if it catches the light it shines like gold.

Golden Egg No. 1: The Reason for Lightness

The wind dances with freedom we can only dream of.

Untethered, it floats with lightness. But as the breeze blows by

and you close your eyes, the wind becomes you.

This moment is a freedom we should always feel, but rarely do.

 If you can find this feeling hold onto it.

To understand supreme lightness is to truly feel free. 


Golden Egg No. 2: The Reason for Weightiness

The weight of the world can crush the shoulders of giants.

Strength is only strength until weakness is what is needed for understanding.

When the weight of the world drops itself upon you, let

yourself feel it, and then turn that feeling into something good.

This light will spread like fire and warm those who need it most. 


Golden Egg No. 3 : The Reason for Balance

The good tree grows strong because it knows both

the blissfulness of spring and the bitterness of winter.

In opposition it finds balance and wholeness. 

The reason for evil is the existence of good

just as the reason for darkness is the light. 

Without it’s counterpart nothing would be. 


Golden Egg No. 4: The Reason for Wonder

Spend time with nature, notice how the world around you

is wondrous and full of worlds within worlds.

Notice that and then feel the gentle hum of synchronicity.

This is the underlying greatness of everything working together.

With this wonder comes rejuvenation.  


Golden Egg No. 5: The Reason for Respect

Learn from nature.

 It knows how to be comforting and cruel at the same time.

 It’s force is powerful and unmatched.

Understand that nature does not belong to us, we belong to it.

Respect the forces that are greater than you,

they are that way for a reason. 

Those who attempt to control it will be faced with the balance of justice. 



Golden Egg No 6: The Reason for Hallucinations  

With the consumption of nature

you open your mind to things it never knew it could know.

The things you see are there, and they are not.  

And the possibility of existence of both

is no longer not so impossible.

And with this knowledge you can approach the world

with more patience than before. 


Golden Egg No. 7: The Reason for Nostalgia

We put on shells like warriors and decorate them with stories. 

We fill our houses with objects that are tied to memories

that burn brighter than they did at their origin.

The mind does this to offer hope for future stories

that may tell better tales of better times.



Golden Egg No. 8: The Reason for Shattering

Pain can feel like you are shattering into sharp shards,

you think nothing could possibly feel this bad, but this does.

In the crippling the suffering takes over.

But in the pit of the suffering a new light is born, and with this new light

you are given the opportunity to grow a greater light

and to use that light to heal the people around you. 



Golden Egg No. 9: The Reason for Unknowing

To know everything would be the death of discovery,

and without discovery we would loose the will to learn.

But hidden within the mind are mystical truths and answers to everything.

 And when these things reveal themselves to you,

question if you believe in what you believe in because

it is known to be true or if you believe it because of what you have been told.


Golden Egg No. 10: The Reason for Greatness

Rejoice in the relationship you have with yourself.

There is a reason for your existence, and it is to experience life.

You are one of one and the singularity of you is a remarkable thing.

Revel in it, truly understand this fabulousness

and let your greatness radiate outward. 


Golden Egg No. 11: The Reason for Family

Whether you choose your family or your family chooses you,

those around you are there to remind you

that you are greater than yourself.

The relationships you have had

are what make you who you are

whether you like it or not. 


Golden Egg No. 12: The Reason for Love

Like an echo, tumbling through a thousand past lives, but at the end still feeling as clear as as it was when it was just here.

The reason for love is infinite

and finds itself the king of all reasons.  

Love is at the core of life

and is responsible for all good things.