The Hours is an ongoing series of prints that explore the time of day elapsing. The first print, "The Dusking Hour" was created in 2014. "The Twenty Third Hour" followed in 2016. "The Dawning Hour" was created in 2017, and the most recent "The Golden Hour" was created in 2018. 



 The Golden Hour is described as the moment "when each path is illuminated and there is a certain color in every choice, yet only the birds have seen of where these choices may lead." There are allusions to previous works such as "The Dusking Hour," "Finding Alakzaoo," "The Dawning Hour," "The Waterlily House," "Big King Cap" "Floating Bottles," "The Fool," "The Emperor," and "The Twenty Third Hour".


In The Dawning Hour we see the boat in the Dusking Hour off in the distance where a boy and a peacock meet in shallow water in front of the glowing moon in the early morning. Lately I've been noticing a lot of larger endings happening that are influencing new beginnings. This print is a reaction to where I have been the past few years and what lies ahead. While it is more than a subtle nod at the Dusking Hour, it hints at the idea that we are composed of a collection of places we have been, people we have known and the things we have chosen to fill our time with. 

"The Telling Hour" is a 20" x 30" combination giclee/screenprint inspired by an amalgamation of previous prints and is a continuation of "The Hours" series.  The print includes five different layers of glitter and a clear layer that seals the glitter on the print. The glitter gives the print a quality that makes it look like it's alive - the water shimmering, the lights flickering and the lily pads dancing.