"The Cycle of Healing” is a hand pulled one color screenprint in a Rainbow Foil edition and Cream Speckletone edition. The paper size is 12" x 12" with a 1" border and the print is hand signed and numbered in an edition of 200 for each variant.


This print comes with a second bonus print and is also a 12" x 12" hand pulled one color screenprint and features the accompanying words to "The Cycle of Healing". 



one. pain


it feels as if you are breaking into hundreds of pieces 

you think nothing could possibly feel this bad, but this does.  

this is suffering, and it hurts. 

it takes over you and washes over your skin 

it is in this pit of pain that a new understanding is born. 

but you will not notice it, because in this moment 

the possibility of anything good is inconceivable. 


two. detachment


after the pain has hit you will question its validity 

it is a visitor and it is not welcome.

you despise it and detach yourself from it.

you isolate yourself

ashamed that your pain can be seen

as weakness by others.  


three. awareness


eventually you must face pain,

in order to fully heal you must rid it from your body.

this awareness is key in understanding why the pain had to happen 

within each experience of pain is a chance for enlightenment  

a moment that illuminates your mind.


four. acceptance


the acceptance of this pain 

is your opportunity to listen to yourself.

this passage is a part of something greater, 

pain, the terrible thing that it is, 

exists for us to feel what it means to be alive

and without it, we would be numb to the joys of life.



five. realignment


it is when you realize that you have the ability to realign your mind, 

and that through other senses you can still feel joy, 

that you separate your mind from your body

and the transmutation begins to take place. 


six. healing


your mind begins to alter 

allowing this new understanding a space of its own. 

physical objects may take on a warm glow, 

you may feel a lightness of being. 

if you do, hold onto this feeling, 

this is what comfort feels like.

it may not last long yet,

but slowly it will start to come back.


seven. enlightenment


you have experienced the worst of the pain and the healing has begun.

there is a newness to everything

what once seemed mundane is magical

and you may be hit with enlightenment.

your realization may now seem obvious

but know that you never could have understood

without knowing the pain that came beforehand.

as the healing continues you begin to forget the feeling of the pain

and the mundane creeps back in and your life returns

until you are met with the pain again

and the cycle is revisited.


may you find comfort in these words in times of great