No More Birds Now is an 18" x 24”giclee print, hand signed and numbered in a small limited edition.  

When I awoke things seemed fantastically new
a bird mocking frog, indeed, what a peculiar view

This dream like land is littered with blues
a paradise alive, lost if i choose 

Twice haunting eyes watch in a slippery cave
my own demise must be a water filled grave

Theres a spot in this river where the magic runs thicker
with the fireflies abuzz making me sicker

Taunted and badgered by birds all the same
they glow and they bicker calling my name 

And the cattails dance singing of sweet sorrow
while moths gloat shining the light they borrow

I grant I may be more lost and a stranger
scared and alone in an everglade danger

There's a point on the horizon where you can't seem to see me 
but theres a sky in this river where I can see clearly 

If this moon's a mirage, then the birds must be too
I'll close my eyes tight and then calm will ensue 

Why do they tease, why won't they clear?
will they leave me alone if I admit what I fear?
That the world I once knew is no longer here?

As the stars and the birds watch me below, 
I realize I left myself long ago

At least with certain I can avow 
there will be no more birds now.