I spent several months in 2017 working on this series of prints called "Dream Tracks". Inspired by my slipping sleep and the time I have spent in dreamworld, the idea behind this collection was to create a group of images that could be considered a visual EP album. The five limited edition screenprints are housed in a traditional two-fold record jacket with accompanying liner notes. 

The liner notes are five poems that I wrote based on what things come to us and what we may find when we are somewhere in between drifting through dreams.

Each print in the "Dream Tracks EP"  is a 12" x 12" seven color screenprint printed in a limited edition. Prints will be available individually but if purchased as a set, the five prints come housed in a custom designed two-fold record jacket printed with liner notes for each piece on the inside of the jacket. Record Jackets are only available with the full set of five prints. There will only be 300 full sets in circulation. 

This entire project was commissioned by Posters 4 People.