1. "Girls and Sound" is a 24" x 36" four color screenprint on Rainbow Holographic Foil Paper. The original poster was for the two night run in London on November 17th and 18th and was sliced down the middle. "Girls and Sound" is inspired by the classic story of Medusa, Pegasus and Poseidon set in an urban London MC Escher-esque scene. 

2. "This is That Feeling" is an 18" x 24" five color screenprint on Rainbow Foil paper for the August 2nd Alabama Shakes show in Alabany, NY. 

3. "Boys and Color" is a 18" x 24" five color screenprint for the August 13th Alabama Shakes show in Los Angeles. The inspiration for this poster was taken from the classic story of the Minotaur and the labyrinth and my countless hours spent in Grand Central Market summer of 2015, staring at Angel's Flight from G&B coffee.