Some people say that we’ve been here before.
That we don’t live just once, but hundreds of times. 

Some people say that we have soulmates, not just one, but many.
And that we meet again and again throughout our lives.

Some people like to keep their minds on other things.  
And so they spend their whole lives looking for answers to the wrong questions. 

But what if the many secrets of life and death
were not as unknown as we’ve been taught to believe?

Maybe, if you just shift your mind
ever so slightly 
just an inch to the left
you’ll see what I mean. 

You’ll know when it happens. 
It will feel like a hundred sunsets hitting you all at once. 

It’s a difficult feeling to explain,
maybe you have felt it before.
It’s sort of like old friends meeting,
or the dawn breaking into the night
after a thousand years of darkness.

But if I really told you the secrets of the universe, 
you probably wouldn’t believe me. 

So I am here to remind you of how it used to be.

No longer just the distance of a memory
but instead something completely clear 
as if it were only yesterday. 


“A Thousand Years of Life” is a series of 9 metallic silver screen prints on black paper. These are all recollections of past lives, current lives and lives yet to still be lived.